NCSC Certified Training - Cyber Security for Supply Chain Providers

Online Certificate Course

1 Day


6hrs / Day

Cyber Security Center of Excellence


• Cyber Security threats in the context of procurement and supply chain
• Reputational, operational and financial risks relating to Cyber Security
• Assurance regarding common regulatory and legislative requirements
• Advise on procurement and supply chain Cyber Security good practice
• Assurance and trust measures in third party relationships, including Cloud providers
• Risk treatments and Cyber insurance options
• Discussion, real-world scenarios and exercises
• Know where to get further support.

Cyber Security is more important than ever, with large businesses and organisations investing significant sums in their own defences.  Cyber criminals however are always looking for the weakest link and often a vulnerability somewhere in the Supply Chain is
used as an entry point.
As organisations tighten their own defences, attackers are increasingly exploiting procurement and supply chain vulnerabilities, with devastating financial, legal, operational,
and reputational consequences. These include loss of data and/or intellectual copy right (IPR), as well as cyber fraud. This course will help you understand the threats and what you need to do to protect yourself, whether you are procuring, supplying or both and,
importantly, how you can use strong security as a competitive differentiator when engaging with other businesses and interests.

Course Content:

• Introduction.
• Developing an understanding of the Cyber Security threats in the context of procurement and supply chain operations.
• Developing an understanding of the reputational, financial and operational risks to the Cyber Security posture of an organisation.
• A review of the current in country and international legislative requirements in supply chain operations.
• A review of the Cyber Security implications and expectations of supply chain providers and the requirements expected in the project and business as usual lifecycle.
• How to form good and trusted partnerships and assurances with third party suppliers in the context of Cyber Security, including Cloud service providers.
• A look at the options available around risk treatments and Cyber insurance options.

• Examine ways in which organisations can learn from real life examples and scenarios and how these could be implemented across an organisation.

Course Summary and Evaluation

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Testimonials from organisations & delegates

The course pulled together all the aspects of what is expected of the SIRO and more. It provided a sensible level of detail and depth to enable a SIRO to engage with a board and with technical teams with improved confidence.

The knowledge and experience of the course instructor was second to none. He was able to provide highly relevant personal insight across all the course content and to expand around all the course topics with real world examples.

Immensely informative, a real eye opener for some as to our current position and cannot fault the templar team at all for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the whole process.