NCSC Certified Training - Cyber Security for Senior Executives & Senior Information Risk Owners

Online Certificate Course

1 Day


6hrs / Day

Cyber Security Center of Excellence


 The latest Threat briefing and trends; including Social Engineering
 The key role of Senior Executives to deliver Cyber Security maturity and resilience; and
managing internal and external stakeholder relationships
 Leadership, Strategy and Governance
 An understanding of responsibilities, liabilities, and consequences of breach, including
key legislation
 The importance of Business Information Risk Management
 Building Cyber resilience and capability; including Incident Management
 Scenarios to support understanding and consolidate learning
 A trusted forum to discuss key issues and priorities.

Senior Executives play a critical role in any organisation, and as the threat landscape evolves, Senior Executives need to develop a greater awareness of Cyber risks and threats. Leadership is pivotal to drive and champion holistic Cyber Security and Information Assurance to ensure that an organisation develops its Cyber Security maturity; enhances and embeds a positive information culture across the organisation; and demonstrates continuous improvement in a dynamic environment.
Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) are often designated as the Board-level representative to take the lead on managing Cyber risks. With two thirds of businesses suffering cyber attacks in the last year , and the heightened cyber threat sue to the current geo-polictical situation, it is imperative that senior leaders own the responsibility for Cyber risk and promulgate the right attitude across their organisation. Developing Senior Executive level ownership for information risk will quickly establish business resilience and help mitigate risks that could be detrimental to
any organisation.

Course Content:

• Introduction.
• Overview of the roles and responsibilities involved in information governance and data assets.
• An overview of current legislation and the associated labilities, regulations, standards
and the consequences of non-compliance.
• An in depth look at the current Cyber threats and risks surrounding information
governance and data assets – focusing on key senior individuals as well as organisation-wide.
• An overview of key legislation and liabilities.
• Deciding where the vulnerabilities exist in an organisation and looking at how
organisations can develop a prioritised roadmap these for mitigating actions.
• Establishing best practice and developing ways if implementing an organisation wide
strategy to both own and reduce Cyber risk.
• Course Summary and Evaluation.

Testimonials from organisations & delegates

The course pulled together all the aspects of what is expected of the SIRO and more. It provided a sensible level of detail and depth to enable a SIRO to engage with a board and with technical teams with improved confidence.

The knowledge and experience of the course instructor was second to none. He was able to provide highly relevant personal insight across all the course content and to expand around all the course topics with real world examples.

Immensely informative, a real eye opener for some as to our current position and cannot fault the templar team at all for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the whole process.