NCSC Certified Training - Cyber Security Awareness and Hybrid Working

Online Certificate Course

1 Day


6 Hrs / Day

Cyber Security Center of Excellence


• Why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical

• Cyber Security evolving and increasing threats – both personal and professional – whilst working in a hybrid environment including future trends

• An understanding of how holistic Cyber Security can mitigate risks (people, policies, processes as well at technical) An overview of the relevant law, legal rights and responsibilities

• The importance of Information Assurance and Risk Management

• Best practice guidance – at work, remote working and personal top tips.

The challenge for us all to safeguard against Cyber attacks and scams and prevent data breaches has increased sharply as remote working introduces greater Cyber exposures. It is essential for organisations and individuals to address these vulnerabilities by adopting best practices in the hybrid working environment. Cyber Security training is critical to support this. Templar
Executives’ NCSC Certified ‘Cyber Security and Hybrid Working’ course raises awareness of the bespoke threats associated with hybrid working, so individuals and organisations can protect
themselves and work effectively in this ‘new norm’.

Course Content:

• Introduction.
• A review of the key aspects of Cyber Security and why it is so critical within a business.
• Personal and Professional Threats and vulnerabilities.
• Looking at how to best manage the Cyber Security risks based on policy and processes best practice.
• Overview of the relevant laws, rights and responsibilities in relation to Cyber Security.
• The importance of Information assurance and risk management.
• Best practice guidance for Cyber Security at work and for remote working solutions.
• Course Summary and Evaluation.

Testimonials from organisations & delegates

The course pulled together all the aspects of what is expected of the SIRO and more. It provided a sensible level of detail and depth to enable a SIRO to engage with a board and with technical teams with improved confidence.

The knowledge and experience of the course instructor was second to none. He was able to provide highly relevant personal insight across all the course content and to expand around all the course topics with real world examples.

Immensely informative, a real eye opener for some as to our current position and cannot fault the templar team at all for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the whole process.