Information Security and the Law

Online Certificate Course

1 Day


6 Hrs / Day

Cyber Security Center of Excellence


 What do we mean by personal data?
 Types of personal data and sensitive personal data
 Why is it important to protect and safely manage personal data
 An overview of the current (relevant) Data Protection laws
 Breaches and Consequences – organisational and personal
 Best practice: Getting prepared and Mitigating risk
 Third parties and outsourcing
 The importance of fostering a culture that values information
 Learning from discussion, real life examples and scenarios
 Where to find further information and support.

Global data protection, information and Cyber laws and regulations are increasingly impacting on how organisations manage, share and exploit information securely. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations could result in heavy fines (for example, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines could be 17million Euros or 4% of global annual turnover); as well as damage to reputation, brand and business operations.
This course will provide senior decision makers with key knowledge to apply and make informed choices regarding information security risk, related laws and regulations, cloud security and best
practice corporate governance.

Course Content:

• Introduction.
• Exploring Data.
• A review of the different types of data and what constitutes personal and personal sensitive data.
• Review of the Data Protection Laws that exist in different countries and how Data protection laws are implemented in country.
• A look at best practice policies and processes and what you need to do to prepare for a data breach, so you can mitigate the risks and ensure appropriate reporting, stakeholder management and recovery.
• Defining the challenges associated with third party suppliers and contracts and addressing these for assurance.
• A review of the importance of fostering a culture that values information and cyber security measures.
• Examine ways in which organisations can learn from real life examples and scenarios and how these could be implemented across an organisation.
• Course Summary and Evaluation.

Testimonials from organisations & delegates

The course pulled together all the aspects of what is expected of the SIRO and more. It provided a sensible level of detail and depth to enable a SIRO to engage with a board and with technical teams with improved confidence.

The knowledge and experience of the course instructor was second to none. He was able to provide highly relevant personal insight across all the course content and to expand around all the course topics with real world examples.

Immensely informative, a real eye opener for some as to our current position and cannot fault the templar team at all for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the whole process.