Cyber Security and Operational Technology (OT)

Online Certificate Course

5 Days


6hrs / Day

Cyber Security Center of Excellence


– An understanding of OT network components and functionality (PLCs, SCADA, switches, LAN, DSL, MODBUS etc)
– Drivers for Security – ‘without security we can’t be safe’ – component of 61511.  A component part of functional safety is 62443, NISD, Cyber Assessment Framework and OFGEM’s guidance notes
– Myths in OT
– Social Engineering
– Supply Chain Security
– What is malware? How it works, and some examples of relevant malware
– What are threat actors, what ones do we need to worry about and how do they work?
– Physical access, how could someone compromise a remote site?
– Insider threats, local privilege escalation.
– Cyber Risk Identification & Management
– Kill Chain
– Mitre ATTACK
– How to defend against compromise – Break the Chain.

The integration of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) has a significant impact on industrial cybersecurity. Specifically, industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory
control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that have historically been air gapped are now being connected to IT systems — and therefore to the internet.
As the air gap is removed, these systems are exposed to an increasingly advanced threat landscape and are targets for hackers involved in terrorism, cyber warfare, and espionage. This
course will ensure that candidates understand the implications of OT security and give practical solutions to progressing and securing a business’s Cyber Security footprint.

Course Content:

Delivery will progress the theoretical and knowledge base of the required modules for the formal qualification. Sessions will be spread across the five days and progress at the pace of the learners using detailed activities that both develop practical application and real life implementation of the learning.

Testimonials from organisations & delegates

The course pulled together all the aspects of what is expected of the SIRO and more. It provided a sensible level of detail and depth to enable a SIRO to engage with a board and with technical teams with improved confidence.

The knowledge and experience of the course instructor was second to none. He was able to provide highly relevant personal insight across all the course content and to expand around all the course topics with real world examples.

Immensely informative, a real eye opener for some as to our current position and cannot fault the templar team at all for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the whole process.