Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Business Continuity & Crisis Management Incident Response Cyber Incident Response services enable organisations to proactively prepare and respond to Cyber incidents and to understand and address risks to their operations and reputation. Forensics Digital forensics team collects, examines and evaluates data from compromised hard-drives, computing devices, networks, memory, digital artifacts and more in line with best-practices. […]

Global Technologies and Services

Global Technologies and Services The Templar  : is a ruggedised, eco-friendly Mobile Data Centre designed for Governments, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations, businesses and individuals. The Templar  provides access to a fully portable rapid deployment capability for business-critical ICT. Weighing just 15 kgs and with a myriad of uses, from secure data back-up to a mobile headquarters, […]

Cyber Physical Security Services

Cyber Physical Security Services Penetration Testing Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of computer systems, networks, servers and applications by simulating an attack from malicious threat actors. This provides organisations with a chance to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities before they cause a Cyber incident. Delivers certified physical or virtual Penetration Testing […]


Cyber-as-a-Service In today’s environment Cyber Security resilience is no longer an option but a business necessity and enabler for every organisation. Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering is flexible to your organisation’s needs. Clients can choose the services they require to create their own CaaS package from our portfolio of services or choose from our range of established […]

Board-level Engagement

Board-level Engagement Board-level Engagement record of providing discreet and valued engagements with private sector C-suites, public sector boards and senior officials. Our Board-level engagements include Strategy and Policy; briefings; mentoring; crisis management and cyber resilience.

Assure & Advise

Assure & Advise Assure & Advise offer an independent and trusted ‘client friend’ bringing deep specialist Cyber Security knowledge and skills to senior executives and boards across the public and private sectors.

Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation Cultural Transformation Our Communications Team work closely with organisations to promote a positive Cyber Security culture. This includes developing Communications Plans and Campaigns encompassing people, processes, policies, culture and Information Technology.

Policy & Process Reviews

Policy & Process Reviews Policy & Process Reviews We review and create policy suites against best practice guidance. Reviews include Governance; Culture and Awareness; Risk management; Information Security; Technology and Services; Personnel Security; Physical Security; Preparing for and Responding to Security Incidents.

Business consultancy

Business consultancy Strategy & Governance provides Strategic consultancy encompassing people, policies and processes, and technology to embed a culture and capability that enables organisations to determine a proportionate and sustainable approach to embedding cyber resilience. Board-level Engagement record of providing discreet and valued engagements with private sector C-suites, public sector boards and senior officials. Our […]

Cyber academy

Cyber academy Cyber Academy has a world class education and training portfolio including certified courses. All our courses are interactive and engaging; we offer face-to-face sessions, trainer-led virtual classrooms, skillbites, e-Learning and online coaching and mentoring.